Compass stop working on Here3+


This is the second time I have problems with the compass in the Here3+ GPS

The compass just disappear from the compass list, checked as missing.

I tought the compass may be faulty, so we have open the Here3+, and I realize it has the same i2c old connection inside:

So i took an old Here2 GPS I2C cable and connect to this port to the GPS1 port , and the compass show up in MP again.

So, why is the compass keep failing in the Here3+? I think is not the compass, is the CAN bus I think is failing. Any idea?

The drone was working fine, until the compass were missing.

Here is the Here3+ params file (606 Bytes)

Just and update.

The compass now is in the compasses list, but i cant calibrated, no data from the compass.

@RoboMotic in I2C mode the Compass is emulated, it’s not directly connected to RM3100. It will show up on I2C but no data will be there. The issue in your case is most likely the compass is broken.

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Thanks, I think it is, but is so odd. I have another Here3+ with a compass failure. The here3+ was working fine until the compass stop working.

May be there are a here3+ batch that came bad? are you aware something like that? Thanks!

@RoboMotic There is no specific batch issues. The RM3100 compass coils are very sensitive, can break and exhibit the issue you are observing. Best to contact your reseller for further support.