Compass WARN in Loganalyzer

Hi all,

After last flight with my Copter (Cube Orange and Here 3), i looked in the Log Analyzer and there is a Compass WARN because of high Offsets in two Axis.
The Copter is a Little bit nervous after some flighttime in hovering with Loiter Mode.
Can anyone give me some support what is the Problem?


Can you post the log?
It’s hard to tell without the complete log

Hi Alvin,

here ia a Link to Google Drive with the Log.



I have had a look at your log.

All of the mag (except MagZ on Mag1) has a periodic interference.

I can’t see the RCOUT values from the log

But I noticed that the roll and pitch are inversely proportional to the mag interference pattern. And yaw is directly proportional.

You may want to go through the CompassMot calibration to eliminate the interference from motors.

Hi Alvin,

thanks for your Support. I will make the Calibration when the Weather will be better and give a Feedback later.


Hi Alvin,

i have done the CompassMot Calibration. Here is the Link to the Flight Log. The High Offsets are still in LogAnalyzer. The Interference is now at 13%, i think ist okay now. Why are the Offsets so high?

Thanks for your Feedback.

Can you show a picture of your setup?
Are you placing the external compass far enough from the high power electronics?