Compasses inconsistency 3.6.4

Mission Planner 1.3.162
Here 2 compass
ocotcopter 15 inch props

What causes the compasses inconsistency error? My understanding is the compass and cube arrows should be facing the same way.The cube and compass are facing the same way 0 is the orientation. I had this frame flying now that I have recalibrated the compasses I get the preamp Compasses inconsistency message everytime.

I recently replaced my Here compass with a new Here 2 compass as I was getting GPS glitch errors quite often. I thought it was a faulty compass but the replacement is also having trouble getting calibrated.
I changed
and recalibrated three times but before it was after I had armed but not all the time.
What else should I be looking at?

id:0 98% id:1 99% id:2 99%
id:2 x:-262.7 y:-27.8 z:-35.3 fit:27.5 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS
id:1 x:48.4 y:-60.9 z:-6.8 fit:5.5 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS
id:0 x:-9.1 y:-165.8 z:68.6 fit:11.2 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS

id:0 99% id:1 99% id:2 99%
id:2 x:-248.3 y:-41.4 z:-15.8 fit:28.0 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS
id:1 x:49.2 y:-64.4 z:-11.5 fit:4.8 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS
id:0 x:12.4 y:-157.6 z:60.5 fit:11.4 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS

id:0 98% id:1 98% id:2 99%
id:2 x:-230.9 y:-32.5 z:-15.3 fit:19.8 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS
id:0 x:-1.9 y:-147.7 z:46.2 fit:13.1 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS
id:1 x:52.6 y:-59.3 z:-7.6 fit:9.2 MAG_CAL_SUCCESS

Just an update. After updating to 3.6.6. started from the beginning. Went through every step after resetting to default. Everything seems fine now. Main problem I had is somewhere along the line I downloaded the ocotocopter quad firmware instead of the ocotocopter. Had set the correct setting in the initial setup frame type. Top right hand connection window shows ocotocopter but yaapa script telemetry showed ocoto quad. A check back in Mission Planner confirmed this was the case. Reset to ocotocopter and all seems well.

It’s the same download now for all copter. Frame type is all set in parameters.