Config for adding Telemetry (Mavlink) UDP ip/port redirection when HereLink not the Access Point

Hello Everyone

After an email discussion with HereLink people, it looks like it is not possible to redirect the telemetry (Mavlink) to a specific IP/Port (considering UDP here). This makes the HereLink not usable when it is not the AP (wifi Access Point). In our case, we have a dedicated AP, so HereLink has not been integrarting in our setup well so far.

Never the less, as confirmed by HereLink people, it should not be a hard task and is more a matter of exposing the config, and giving a priority to that task

The original discussion is here : Herelink forward mavlink when NOT setup as Access Point
Plus, several emails with Alvin Lai :
“Connecting Herelink to a local network with Herelink not being the access point should be possible […]”
““Should be possible” means that under the existing hardware of Herelink, sharing mavlink data via local network is possible to do. However, we currently do not have the feature nor any plan to implement it.”
“By “look it by yourself” mean that if you want this feature, you will need to modify the codes on Herelink by yourself.”
Note that I have not received any code neither I have been proposed to get access to the code for modifying it. So I don’t know is modifying the code really is an option

Finally, Alvin Lai mentioned that this feature is not scheduled yet, and may be done faster if interest is shown about it :
“[…] its not supported in current version of firmware. The feature will added in the future versions.”
“I am afraid that there is no exact schedule on this. You may keep expressing your desire on the forum to have this feature putting on higher priority on our developers’ to-do-list. Gathering more people to discuss on the topic on Cubepilot will also help”

Here we are :slight_smile:
If you find yourself interested in having the feature of “Adding UDP IP/Port redirection of mavlink”, please do write about it. Don’t hesitate either to precise/expand what you think is useful, or describe your setup specificity


As mentioned on Facebook, this feature is on our list of things to come


Is this feature available in updated version of herelink
Adding UDP IP/Port redirection of mavlink

this is possible.

follow the guide here

you need to specify the ip of the herelink on your wifi to connect.

Great to see this feature added

I am connected to herelink @5ghz wifi. And using mission planner and vlc both at same to obtain video stream and display. But the video keeps getting distorted as soon as camera is moved or view is changed

i think i need to see the type of distortion you are referring too.
ie it could be hdmi and dataloss. its a guess without more info.