Herelink forward mavlink when NOT setup as Access Point

Hello Everyone

We have a HereLink, which when used as Access Point, can be connected to by Mission Planner or QGC via UDP. In that case the laptop running MP or QGC is connected to the HereLink AccessPoint

We now want to use a separate 4G Access Point
Both Herelink and the laptop are connected to the 4G Access Point
But we do not manage to receive any Mavlink

We have found nothing in the User Manual (which is quite skinny btw), that explains how to achieve that. The only doc found is on, and is about using HereLink as an Access Point

How can we configure HereLink so that it streams Mavlink to another computer (IP) on the same Access Point (ie same local network). Then again, HereLink is NOT the Access Point in that scenario

Thanks in advance

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@sidbh? @Michael_Oborne?

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@bastien The configuration you are trying to make is not possible with Herelink right now. In the future version of software this will be configurable via a config file, which user will be able to edit via adb.

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@sidbh Alright. When is the future version of the software scheduled for ?
This is a major limitation, and it should be advertised in the product specs, until de SW is improved to fix that issue

Thanks Sid

Hello Sidbh,

Do you know if this is achievable now with the last release ?


I realize this with the latest release. You have to use UDPxx, forgot the name, the thing below UDP and port 14552 instead of 14550.

And you need the update address on HereLink