Cube orange + here3 no fix with mission planner

Hi everyone,

I just got a pixhawk w cube orange. I was able to set up the pixhawk to connect to missionplanner and update firmware. Now, after plugging here 3 into can 1 I get no fix and no satelites. Double blinking yellow leds.

I set all the config as described in manual (see attached). Can d1 and p1, gps type set to 9, leds turned on. If click Mavlink-CAN1 I see Mode is operational, version is 1.8.AB157ABD, sw crc is 1B4F9DE63FD6955

Any ideas?

ok I started the return…time running out to fix it

So I guess there isnt any support for here three and cube? Is this a company or just random forum of incels?

You are testing outside?

Try setting
to allow the Here3 to boot up and be ready before the Cube.

Sorry, sometimes things get missed.

A log while disarmed is helpful for diagnosing these issues.