Cube Orange not seen in USB devices, bootloader failure?

I have a Cube Orange that has failed. It no longer appear in Windows 10 USB device as seen in Windows Device Manager. Niether Ardupilot Mission Planner nor QMissionPlanner recognize the Cube at this point.

The Cube was working fine. Now I get a solid orange light when connecting via on-cube USB port while mounted in a ADS-B carrier board with nothing connected.

I have read many discussion about this subject… I have concluded that at least the bootloader has failed if not more. I have little inclination to go down the many rabbit hole this all leads to. Is there clear documentation, process, executable code and method other than braking into the cube to patch it into DFU mode to load a new loader? Are there alternatives such as discussed here: Entering DFU mode in Cube Orange without opening the hardware board using Mission Planner software. Is there a service from CubePilot to evaluate and repair i.e. load a new bootloader?

Any and all comments are appreciate,

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