CubeBlack reset during flight causes total loss of airframe

Normal flight until gcs failsafe, then shortly after the cube rebooted during rtl. Using ardupilot 3.9.11.

This is the second Cube that I’ve had with issues, the first refused to boot normally and was outside the window to return to getfpv. Logs are linked below. Hopefully this was a configuration error.

There is no “window to return” once you have a proven issue.

I will look at these logs.

Hi @philip
Looks like I’ve got the same problem…

Looks like you got hit with an ardupilot issue that has been fixed in plane 3.9.11

It’s a situation where the I2C lines can cause the Autopilot to lock up.

The autopilot discovered this, rebooted and logged the error.

Solution is to update to the latest firmware

Why was this not included in the safety bulletin section? Complete loss of control of an aircraft is a danger to life and property. If this was a known issue, there is a duty to make it known to others.

We supply hardware. And any hardware issue that appears, we will notify you of such.

It is 100% up to you to determine what firmware you want to put on it for flight. And to find out if this is fit for purpose. Each firmware release has an announcement on, and that comes with release notes to show what has changed in the code. If ardupilot puts out a spot release, you MUST considered it as a safety bulletin

My response about the issue that was fixed in 3.6.11 was not to you. And as you know, I personally intervened and got you sorted out with your reseller.


I think you may be thinking of someone else. Getfpv never allowed me to return my previous cube, the one with the hardware fault. I also have a hereflow that wasnt yet compatible with ardupilot when I received it,( I havent checked for updates since the destruction of the aircraft in this post) and a here2 that wont work in can mode. I feel like every piece of equipment I buy from CubePilot is faulty or incomplete in some way. I suppose i should be on the ardupilot forums asking why there isnt a central place to check for firmware faults that affect specific flight controllers. I assumed that since ap forums direct all cube discussions here that I could get adequate solutions in this forum. Instead I have $500 worth of flight controllers sitting in a box with other expensive junk (mostly bricked pixracers) and zero desire to use any more of your products.

Hey @Gunaveh
I2C issues have been a problem from a very long time. CubePilot is pushing hard on CAN to bring these issues down. If you go through some documentations and instructions you should be good to get things running.

Cube and here gnss has been best hardware till date and I have never seen a company address issues like them. You can always post your issues and someone or the other will help you out.


Any cube that has a genuine hardware problem will get fixed. If you refuse to engage constructively to make this happen, I can’t help you.

We have nothing to do with pixracer, so I have no idea why you would bring that up!

Regarding the Flow… you purchased a flow when it was in development, and clearly labeled as BETA!

The HereFlow has been supported in Ardupilot for a VERY long time now.

Here2 has firmware on it that we update to improve its behaviour. The method of updating gets easier with each release.

How about you engage in the community and submit some changes to the docs if you think they are lacking!

Apologies. I thought you were the same philip that provided support for the pixracers.

I don’t think I’m outside of my mind when I buy a product and expect it to work as advertised out of the box. It’s disappointing to receive hardware (hereflow wasn’t marked beta on the online sales page or on the product received) and then find out that you must wait for future updates for it to work correctly.

To recap. I’ve ordered 2 pixhawk cubes, a hereflow, and a here2. There is a identified hardware fault in a flight controller that I’m unable to return. Hereflow wouldn’t yet work with plane. Here2 wouldn’t yet work with plane on CAN. Then a fault in a flight controller, that is advertised as fully redundant,causing it to reboot that damaged or destroyed over $900 worth of equipment. absolutely refused to let me return a flight controller that I’ve had for more than 30 days, and CubePilot doesn’t deal with any defective boards directly. What more can I do to engage constructively?

I’ve sunk over $1500 because of a single company’s products. It wasn’t battery failure, the pdb, the motor, esc, becs, installation, or any other number of components. Every point of failure has CubePilot stenciled on it.