CubeBlack reset during flight causes total loss of airframe

(Stephen) #1

Normal flight until gcs failsafe, then shortly after the cube rebooted during rtl. Using ardupilot 3.9.11.

This is the second Cube that I’ve had with issues, the first refused to boot normally and was outside the window to return to getfpv. Logs are linked below. Hopefully this was a configuration error.


There is no “window to return” once you have a proven issue.

I will look at these logs.


Hi @philip
Looks like I’ve got the same problem…


Looks like you got hit with an ardupilot issue that has been fixed in plane 3.9.11

It’s a situation where the I2C lines can cause the Autopilot to lock up.

The autopilot discovered this, rebooted and logged the error.

Solution is to update to the latest firmware