Does Here 3+ currently use its onboard IMU?


Does the Here 3+ currently utilize the onboard IMU for anything? Or does it just output GPS and magnetometer data via the CAN bus? I see nothing in the product page or documentation that indicates it’s doing sensor fusion with the GPS and IMU, and I’m wondering if the references to “future firmware updates” indicate this functionality has not be implemented yet?

Part of the reason I ask is I’m looking at a application for the Orange Cube and Here 3+ that may require the GPS and Cube to be mounted in different orientations (not at right angles to each other). I’m thinking if the Here3+ IMU is utilized, the orientation difference with the Cube could be problematic? Same thought for the magnetometer, though it appears that I can disable the Here 3+'s magnetometer in Mission Planner?


Here3+ only publishes raw GPS and Magnetometer Data over CAN bus. IMU and Full AHRS sollution will be introduced through future firmware updates.
As far as your question regarding mounting Here 3+ in different orientation to Cube, that’s already supported if you are using Ardupilot Firmware. During compass calibration Here3+ orientation is inferred and recorded in the Cube parameters, check COMPASS_ORIENT parameter. You should try and use external compass especially mounted away from power supply like Here3+ for best results, so definitely recommend you not to disable the magnetometer.

As long as difference between Cube and Here3+ is not arbitrary and is one from this list, you should be fine: