Dual GPS plus RTK (no base station)

I would like to set up two Here3 GPS units on the same platform (its largeish, about 8 feet wide) and I would like them to run RTK between the two disparate sensors. I believe this would meet all the RTK requirements, but I would like to know if there are any gotchas in this kind of setup.

There is no base station providing remote telemetry. For intents and purposes, the 2nd GPS unit is the base station in this mode, but its hard wired serial.

If there is a how to, that would be great.


Are you referring to moving baseline?

I’m talking about the two GPS units connected by serial / RTK with a fixed distance between each other. But if it matters, I don’t mind putting one on an arm and having it move a few feet relative to the other.

I don’t see why this would break CLAS because ultimately you’re just subtracting the noise from the two sensors, but I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone implemented this way.