Dual here 3 gps

This is continuation from here 3 issue. After i have updated to 1.7xxx, in which only work with beta, my here 3 are now working again. But, no more dual gps. Photos attached. I really want it to work as dual gps.

Please have a look to uploaded pictures so that i can have dual gps working again.

Can you try what happen if you connector both to CAN1 with CAN splitter, instead of CAN1 and CAN2?

Also, when you SLCAN them, what are their node ID?

I have done that. Nothing work.
Lastly after i open the here 3 casing, we checked that the gps module shifted. So the antenna between the board and the antenna broke. After we connect wire between these two parts, its then working again.


Don’t you think termination becomes problem here? Will it be 60ohms with 2*Here3 in that config?

Can you take a picture of the broken antenna?

No. There is no problem on connecting 2 CAN GPS on the same bus.

Hey @Alvin
Since Here3 is terminated, Having 2 on same bus will not have 60ohms between CANL and CANH

Here3 is not internally terminated. you can have two on the same bus

Hey @philip Should the termination be made externally?

May I know why would you want external terminators? Are you trying to achieve something that the current design is incapable?

Not trying to achieve anything. CAN L and H should have 60ohms between them for reliable communication. I don’t think it’s good to have bus without termination.

There is terminator inside the Cube, so it doesn’t matter unless you’re using Here3 in a bus without Cube.