Dual Here 4 bad fix issues

Hi everyone,

we have a cube orange+ with dual here4 modules for redundancy.

each one in each can port with external 5.3V power.

one of them, gp1 always with gps bad fix issues. the other, perfect, 30 or more sats.

i have updated the both here4 firmware by mission planner to latest 1.13…

and the issues still happens

any solution please?

@pvr2022 how many satellites are you seeing for GPS with bad fix? Can you share the log with LOG_DISARMED enabled with both GPS connected. Also ensure that you have set GPS_DRV_OPTIONS 32 on Here4, to enable GPS L5 override.

i try the GPS_DRV_OPTIONS 32 and i found 0 sats on both gps modules.

i have to setup these param to 0 (default)

the sat number of the bad fix gps are about 10 or less (with some minutes flying) in gorund, it takes various minutes to get some sats

@pvr2022 can you connect your GPS module to U-Center using these steps and share the ublox log with clear view of the sky collected for 10mins: Here 4 Manual | CubePilot This is how you establish connection with u-center. Ignore the update steps, use the record button to collect log. Please keep GPS_DRV_OPTIONS 32 on Here4. That needs to be set on Here4 through DroneCAN/UAVCAN panel in Mission Planner for both devices.