Dual HerePro (GPS for yaw) with no yaw and satellite

I currently have two HerePro GPS units installed on CubeOrange+, connected via DroneCAN. CAN1 is connected to the left HerePro and CAN2 is connected to the right. Previously, I set up DroneCAN GPS according to GPS for Yaw (aka Moving Baseline) — Copter documentation. Currently, when the two GPS units are used as Dual GPS (GPS_TYPE = 22, GPS_TYPE2 = 23), I encounter several issues:

  1. Unable to obtain satellite information with dual GPS (satellite count = 0). Both HerePro units work normally as standalone GPS units.
  2. Unable to obtain Yaw information with dual GPS.
    The ArduCopter configuration related to this issue below.

Firmware Version:ArduCopter 4.3.4