ECN 03 balanced gyro for cube Orange plus

Cube Orange plus will be moving to three ICM45686 balanced gyro systems

This change improves the overall performance of cube Orange plus, and is the last planed change before moving to LTS status.

This will occur on the October batch


Just a reminder to all that this change is now concluded, CubeOrange Plus is now in LTS (Long Term Stable)

Full support for OrangePlus is from Ardupilot 4.4 and newer.

Please keep up to date with Ardupilot, there are always improvements, for example, in 4.5 the data read on the IMU’s moves from 16bit to 20bit, giving a much better resolution on the IMUs.

If you need to customise code, please seriously consider using the Lua scripting capabilities of Ardupilot, this allows you to keep the base Ardupilot up to date without affecting your changes.

If you are on PX4… also keep up with latest, however, we always do Ardupilot development FIRST, and as such, PX4 support will always be behind the Ardupilot capabilities.