NEW CUBE ORANGE PLUS: Accelerometer, compass calibration issues

Hello) Please help me with the following problem.
Problem with the calibration accelerometers on the CUBE ORANGE PLUS.
The CUBE is not ordinary, even the color is different from the usual ORANGE.

This cube on the left

According to the information that was found, it has three identical IMUs and they say that it is better than the previous one. But…

I discovered the problem when, after calibrating the accelerometers and restarting the cube, the pre-arm message asks for 3D calibration needed again. It turned out that during calibration parameters-coefficients for INS4_… are set (by the way, I never understood what these parameters are for). With a successful calibration / recalibration, the coefficients for the INS4_… parameters are missing, in default.

Bad calibration

Good calibration on the same cube

Another problem is that accelerometer types are not defined, and DEVTYPE is simply 59 (on ArduCopter versions 4.4.2 and 4.4.4)

I have the latest MP version. After reinstallation the drivers, result is the same - devtype == 59 for all imu

Another problem with this cube is that after calibrating the internal compass (as many times as you like), the pre-arm says Yaw inconsistence …deg. We won’t be using it in flight, of course, but the very fact that it isn’t calibrating suggests that something unexpected is going on.

I would greatly appreciate your help with this.

I did not find any information on the use of such cubes at all. Maybe one of the first.
Maybe something else will be needed from me, I will gladly provide it!