Error selecting air frame with Cube Orange and QGC

Hello All,

I am having some trouble getting through the initial setup for a Cube Orange. I am able to load the firmware onto the Orange successfully from command line and QGC. After the autopilot reboots, QGC pops up with a message saying manual control has been lost, and brings me to the vehicle configuration. The air frame, radio, sensors, and battery are all marked red. When I select an air frame (tried a bunch at random), I get two messages after about 30 seconds. One says “Parameter write failed: veh:1 comp:1 param:SYS_AUTOSTART” and the second says “Parameter write failed: veh:1 comp:1 param:SYS_AUTOCONFIG”. I can see heartbeat messages from the autopilot, so I don’t think it is a connection issue.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
GC: QGroundControl Daily
Firmware: PX4 Release 1.11 and Release 1.12

I followed the suggestions found here:, but was unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Can you replicate the problem again?
Do you have windows environment to test with?

It looks like those 2 parameters failed to load

I attempted to load the firmware again using QGroundControl from Linux and ran into the same issue. I do have access to a Windows machine that I could use for testing.

Can you try to load ardupilot and setup it up? Just to verify if this is hardware problem.