FAQ’s for HereLink

Antenna connectors
mini BNC For controller
MMCX for Air unit

Hi Philip mini bnc doesn’t fit the controller the dimensions are different.

Could this be HD bnc?

Hi, @philip I am trying to modify my Herelink to be used from indoors. The reason is the excessive heat in my area. For this purpose I require a cable extender with mini BNC connector male plug at one end. Can you please provide info regarding the mini BNC connector installed in Herelink. i have searched online on Amphenol RF, Digikey and Mouser they have mini BNC 50 Ohm connectors available but the dimensions do not match. the outer dia of available mini BNC connectors is 15mm approx. while that of herelink antenna is 10mm. Kindly share you expert opinion in this regard.
Hamad Khan

Mini bnc 6