Faulty carrier board?


About 2 months a go I bought from you a Pixhawk Cube with Here GPS.
Now that I am in the final assembly phase of a large quad (12kgs) Pixhawk in Mission Planner doesnt see the GPS, there is no 3D Fix and the HDOP is 655 and satcount 0.
Ive tried with another of Here unit from you and a 3DR M8n from a Pixhawk 1 but to no avail.
The same GPS units seem to work fine on GPS2 port.

Is there a problem with the GPS1 port?
If so, how can I get a replacement?

Ok after some more testing seems it is a faulty Here GPS unit.
Ive managed to get another Here GPS working on GPS1.

Swap cable from good gps to other one you will probably find out its just gps1 cable. If the rest of your info is correct

Thanks for that.
Another question, do you guys have the latest *.param file for a quad that I could download?
One with the “blend” option and EKF2 parameters for dual GPS.
This is for a 1100mm quad with 22inch props and 12kgs AUW.

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We don’t offer a parameter set as such… but I would recommend using Chibios firmware, and using EKF3. Enable all three IMU’s

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