Firefly 4K Split Camera with Herelink

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Some people reported me that this camera was working fine, some others that it doesn’t works.
After some investigations and tests with HawkEye Firefly 4K Split FPV camera i deducted that this little camera is fully compatible with the Herelink.
But depending on the firmware version installed on it, it could works from stock or not.

The only setting to change is the ‘HDMI output setting’. To make it working with the Herelink it should be turned to 1080p @30FPS. Some Split cameras are sold with default values at 720p, that the reason the Herelink doesn’t display the video stream.




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Hi Julien,

We do have issue with the camera. It works for few seconds up to a minute then the image is freezing.

We have tested individually the camera and the herelink and there is no issue.
Camera directly connected to a screen works fine.
Herelink connected to a computer streaming youtube video works fine.

As indicated at the beginning the image freezes after few seconds. Then unplug/plug the HDMI cable and the image is back for again few seconds.

Any ideas?

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Did you updated the Split with the last firmware ?

Yes we did and also format our SDCard.

Any special settings in QGroundControl? We can see that the data rate drops when the streaming stops.
Either the air unit stops streaming or the ground unit stops receiving…

We have tried with the same power source (9V) and sharing the same ground and it doesn’t change anything…

Are the Herelink units also updated ?

yes latest firmware 0.2.2.

Maybe try an older Split camera firmware if available. It is strange…

Which one are you using? We are using the last one from this month.


I have one in hands that works fine >> Ver: 20190829

… still the same problem.

Do you know how I can restore my herelink GCS, maybe there is an internal settings issue…

Simply re-flash your Ground and air units by using 'flash_all" instead of “flash_all_except_…”
It may solve the problem, but if the camera is a faulty unit it would not change the problem.
The best would be having a second Split camera to test your setup.

May ask you how do you start your cam and herelink?

From our side the only option is to unplug/plug the HDMI cable …
It worked for a few moment, but it looks like the Herelink needs to get somehow “warm” and then it worked directly without touching the HDMI cable.

Thanks for the heads up!

The camera starts when i plug the drone main battery. The herelink can be already turned on or not, it works in most of the tests i made. The only thing i noted is that sometimes the image freeze, so i simply unplug and plug back the HDMI cable and it comes back to live video

Thank you Julien, so actually we have the same behavior, which is then difficult to handle as the HDMI cable is normally not accessible.
it looks like rebooting the camera is a working solution

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I bought two of the Firely 4K split cam’s and using them both on the Herelink system, one works and the other doesn’t. I think it is the camera board.
And yes you have to go into the settings and change the output to 1080P30/60.

Hello Julien
I got my Firefly 4K today and I am trying to make it work with herelink. I have tried to change the mode but my camera does not have 1080 30 fps, it only has 1080 60 fps. Maybe I am changing the video mode and not the HDMI output mode??

Could you help me please?

Thanks in advance

You must change the HDMI output resolution, not the resolution of on board recording :wink:


Thanks Julien, I assume that in order to do that I will have to use the controller provided with the camera and go into the internal menu, right?

Thanks for your answer