FPV on CubePilot ecosystem

Hi how are things.
Is it possible or easy to have 3 cameras in the cube ecosystem?
I am thinking of 1 FPV and 2 with gimbal. I understand that there are problems, such as bandwidth, etc.
Thanks, I am a newbie in this, any help even if it seems simple, it will be of great help

I don’t think any camera is directly connected to the Cube, unless you need OSD.
If you want to use Herelink, there are only 2 hardware ports available. Also notice that the Herelink has slightly longer delay than other popular fpv transmissions.

Thank you very much, I understand …
Let’s imagine I am a customer, I don’t know much about electronics and I have money to spare and I need 3 cameras, could you provide an OEM solution?
Could you specify, for example, how do I see the 3 cameras on the herelink receiver? What other commercial cameras are there? Would it be necessary to have another transmitter and receiver?
It is possible that the answer cannot be provided, if so please tell me. I understand that just as you comment, your closed product is only 2 cameras and they have no other OEM solutions, but I am a dumb customer :slight_smile: I need to know what to buy and how to assemble it, if you cannot provide me with that answer I will understand perfectly …

We don’t provide any customer OEM solution. Maybe you could look for the products from our partners.

For the camera connection, you can check the ecosystem poster.
It is pretty much plug-and-play.

Check the compatible camera list from this topic:

Camera not mentioned may be unusable or untested.

In the current stable Herelink only supports display 1 video stream at the same time.

For the FPV camera, you may check ardupilot wiki for the setup

I shall clarify that the 3rd camera uses another additional piece of hardware other than the Herelink. As mentioned Herelink only supports 2 video input and 1 output at the same time. I’m just telling how you could integrate more camera into your system.

Thank you very much Alvin with this I can investigate … have you ever mounted 3 cameras? If so, do you want to share your experience? If this is the case, above all, what did you buy, what problems did you have, etc. I hope this is the place to ask the community, if not, you will tell me.
I leave the topic open, in case anyone else in the community wants to share her experience, as I will do when I get it, I would explain with photos what to use, what problems I had, etc. I insist that if this is not where to ask these things to the community, you will tell me … thank you;)

I have never tried this setup on my own. So this is a theoretical possible setup.
Maybe you can be the first one to actually implement it and share it here.