GCS does not display distance to home!

Help me. I use here GPS with pixhawk cube and herelink fpv GCS to fly my fixed wing. First flight GCS show Distance to home as below picture. But in the second and third flight this parameter did not show. How do I fix this? Thank for helping!

Anyone can help me? Please!

have you check using mission planner ?

You can customize the little ‘Value’ window on the right side.
Tap on the little wheel and chose what you want to display :wink:


What should I check?

Sorry, but I dont think you understand my problem! Distance to home parameter alway displayed on the screen! But not show value

Ok, you mean that it is displayed but the value doesn’t change when you fly the drone ?
If yes, did you power cycled the drone without restarting the Herelink ground unit ?

Okey for your helps! I think I found out the issue! It is just I armed and take off quickly. If I arm and disarm and… wait for moment, it just works!

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