GPS Ardupilot 4.3.2

Hello guys! Yesterday we needed to force land because both GPS went to zero a few times and the position went a bit crazy. It looked like a GNSS jamming, but that would be super rare in Brazil.

Some considerations:

  • Setup is cube orange + Here 3 (x2), same drone we’ve been using for the past 2 years. We never had this problem (besides the confirmed GPS jamming in Israel)
  • At the moment, we were using NTRIP
  • Along with the GPS issue, we had bad internet connection. We were watching the flight from our headquarters and the connectivity module was online all the way and the eth indicator for the companion was blinking red sometimes. So, it looked like a misconnection between the companion and the connectivity module.
  • The operation team reported, days before, that the voltage drop during the takeoff was more intense than usual, but not in that flight.

The connectivity issue, however, wouldn’t explain the GPS issue. Following, the next hypothesis would be some kind of electrical failure, but we had gps misconnection a while ago and the behavior was different (like “GPS2 was specified as UAVCAN” ).

Could be cables.
Can you test the setup again without flying? Just to understand whether it’s the issue on software end of things I had experienced few months ago.

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