GPS Cable extension for HERE 2

Hello, I’m trying to mount a secondary Here 2 GPS on a large Hexacopter however the GPS cable I have is not quite long enough to get to the place I would prefer to mount it. I was wondering if there is any potential loss of efficiency or accuracy if I were to cut the cable and crimp on some longer wires? Or is there anywhere I could buy a longer cable for HERE2 to GPS 2?


Potentially you could see glitches more often. Probably you won’t have any issues under 30CM. Accuracy should be the same.

Good to know, I don’t think I’ll need more than 30CM, also as a secondary GPS I guess there is less of a negative consequence if the GPS fails. It will be good to test to see if there are anomalies that occur.

If you are running on CAN, then no worries, but do not extend the cable in serial/i2c mode

What is the downside with extending on i2c versus CAN? I ask as I was planning on extending the one still running i2c but it sounds like it will have to swap positions with the CAN GPS and extend that cable instead.

I2C is inter chip communications… it’s designed for communication on board a PCB, it is not noise immune, and is affected by ground noise and other issues.

CAN is designed for communication with accessories in Cars and Aircraft, it is much more robust.

Maximum recommendation for I2C length is 100mm… so it’s just not suitable for magnetometer

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Thank you for the detailed response, definitely good to know.

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