GPS Here 4, disable led

Hi. I have some issue with gps module’s led disabling (Here 4). When I’m changing the brightness value with parameter NTF_LED_BRIGHT to 1 or 2 or 3, all works fine, and after reboot led configuration works correct, but if I set 0, save and reboot, the value completely ignored. My goal is disable leds completely. Thanks!

HW Version: 4.19
SF Version: 1.13.82BDFF8A

@palma please set FLASH_BOOTLOADER to update the bootloader. This will ensure that Here4 boots with the LEDs turned off. When NTF_LED_BRIGHT is set to 0 it simply means that LEDs are disabled, and does not reset whatever last state was. With latest bootloader it will be ensured that LEDs are turned off at boot.

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