Gps HERE 4 is not working

Analysis was performed by testing the GPS HERE 4 and CUAV on a test bench and HERE 3 on the drone itself. The GPS HERE 4 and CUAV were turned on throughout the day at the take-off point, HERE 4 was also turned on in another location in the city, as no number of satellites had been established at the location of the operation.

Example of a CUAV GPS LOG:

MAX:25 MIN:11 MEAN:18.68

Example of a HERE 3 GPS LOG:

MAX:15 MIN:09 MEAN:13.05

The GPS drift comparison between HERE 3 and CUAV was carried out throughout the day, both at the time of the comparison were next to each other.

Example of a HERE 4 GPS LOG:

Log taken from the operation site:

It is not possible to establish and maintain an unstable number of satellites.

MAX:00 MIN:08 MEAN:00.22

Status Mission Planner:

Log taken from another location in the city:

It is not possible to establish and maintain an unstable number of satellites.

MAX:06 MIN:00 MEAN:00.34

There’s a firmware update in the works that will enable the gps. Not sure if the one pushed yesterday was it or not as I haven’t had a chance to do it yet.

Read through the docs for the update procedure.

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please update the ublox fw version

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I have updated the Here4 over MP to fw Version: 1.8.526D2C51
The GPS give data for about 17seconds then it stops sending gnss data.
Other data like mag are sill available over can.
By the way its the same with PX4 or Ardupilot firmware.
Is a newer Here4 fw available? Or is just my Here4 faulty?

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there are 2 firmwares
the here4, and the ublox. both need updating

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I had the same problem in Here4, it is recommended to update both firmwares.
The GNSS connection can then be displayed.

Capture.JPG 3

GPS1 is Here4
GPS2 is Here3+

Capture.JPG 4

NOTE: I have not yet made the flights on my Hexa. I will be doing some field tests to see how it works

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