Has anyone successfully used HereFlow to achieve stable indoor positioning?

I implemented HereFlow settings and flight tests based on the following two websites, but there was no indoor positioning or height-setting effect at all. The optical flow and Lidar values ​​displayed by GCS are normal, but during actual flight testing, the results are very bad.
Reference URL:

I did the calibration before the flight test. The results displayed in the bin file were consistent with the instructions, but the results of the flight test were not as good as expected.

The following are my parameter settings for HereFlow:
FLOW_POS_X = 0.05
FLOW_POS_Z = 0.07

I also tried using optical flow without Lidar, but the effect was as bad as ever.
Or put a wooden board on the gray ground to make the color difference more obvious, but there is still no improvement. After taking off, the Loiter still wanders around without stable hovering at all.

I would like to ask if anyone has successfully made an indoor stable height positioning and hovering application through HereFlow.

@益德_廖 please share logs from the flight so I can check.

It is not recommend to use the onboard rangefinder for height, instead mount an external lidar rangefinder for height.

You may want to also look into EKF3 related to rangefinder to tune it.

I can get pretty satisfactory indoor pos-hold result with Hereflow with an external lidar height sensor.

Oh ya, I did turn off the surface tracking

Have you done the inflight calibrate for Hereflow optical sensor?

The Hereflow has a FOV of 42 degrees, make sure no obstruction.

The LiDar that is on HereFlow does work upto ~3m indoors or during night, under sunlight the performance drops drastically.

Also note that there is also LiDAR-less FlowHold mode in Ardupilot as well. For small drones this is something that may work as well, depending on tuning. But general recommendation is to attach an external LiDAR like from Lightware etc. especially when operating outdoors…