HDMI worked out of the box, but not after FIRMWARE update

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I purchased a Herelink V1.1 the other day (Oct 2022) And set it up in our lab. It is to be used with a DJI M600 Pro and a Gremsy G7 , and Phase One Camera.

Out of the box the PhaseOne HDMI worked and displayed on the Qgroundcontrol app. But after setting up the SBUS to control the Gimbals and updating the Firmware on the Airunit and the Controller I no longer have Video. I have tried to retrace my steps but cannot see any issue.

The LED’s on the Airunit animate according to the manual when the HDMI cable is attached, so the Airunit clearly detects the HDMI signal, but nothing is displayed anymore on the Qgroundcontrol Video window.

In the console I do see one concerning message.

[!] at /home/runner/work/qgroundcontrol-herelink/qgroundcontrol-herelink/src/VideoStreaming/VideoReceiver.cc:256 - “Video Receiver ::start() failed because URI is not specified”

can you detail your setup, i notice a gremsy gimbal, is this in the loop or not? ie whats plugged into where

also please have a look in

NOPE, No Gremsy in the loop.

Was tested on the bench with a HDMI cable directly from the camera into the AirUnit. Sanity check in most basic configuration possible setup on the lab bench.

I have tried different cables, all work fine with, 20" Samsung monitor and Small HD monitor, additionally using adaptors to convert to Standard HDMI Connector.

Camera PhaseOne XF IQ4 150m Back, 1080p 30FPS

As stated,

System worked fine out of the box, SBUS used to control roll, pitch, and yaw of the Gremsy (and still does) Video from PhaseOne XF IQ4 150m Back, 1080p 30FPS worked out of the box, and displayed fine in Qgc,

Since updating firmware via the OTA method only, NO Video

what firmware version are you on now?