Here 2 Compass Calibration

Hello, while performing compass calibration my mag 1 is successful and mag 2 never gets successful. I have moved my drone around on every axis for a good 10 minutes and mag 2 is not working. I have updated/flashed the most recent firmware from here

I am using Pixhawk 2.1 Orange Cube (4.03 official version) with Herelink as my remote system which has the latest update.

Also, Externally Mounted is checked on compass #2 does it need to be checked on compass#1?

Ardupilot will automatically select external compass as primary compass. Did you modify the compass#1 checkbox?
Or you may simply reset all params to default and calibrate again

Thanks you!

Now I am getting unhealthy AHRS and PreArm: Compass Inconsistent? Not sure why. My pixhawk and GPS are pointing in the same direction.

You may need to recalibrate the whole thing after resetting the params.
You may also try to recalibrate after it is heated up to its target temperature.
Shifting between cool and heated sensors can be large.

Do you mean I need to do Accel Calibration?


The GPS Track (Black) is in a different heading from Current Heading and Direct to current WP is that normal?

Is Mag 3 supposed to calibrate?

Hello, now I am receiving compass is inconsistent.

Any reason why? I have tried moving away from interference.

GPS Track doesn’t matter as long as you have your ekf heading correct.
If you are using orange cube, there is no mag3 (1 on orange and 1 on GPS).
You may have a disarm log and see if the magnetic field measurements are consistent on mags.