Here 2 compass not detected by the Cube


I would like to ask you because the compass of my Here 2 is not detected by my Cube.
I am using an orange Cube for the first time, I thought that the problem could come from it, but after connecting the Here 2 to another Cube Black, it is still not detected.

The GPS works properly. I connected the Here 2 to the GPS 1 connector of the Cube as I usually do.

I don’t have another Here 2 to do another test.

I use AC 4.0.3 on the Cube Orange and 4.0.0 on the Cube Black.

Do you have a solution?

Check COMPASS_TYPEMASK. Are you using Here2 on CAN or I2C? Share a picture of connection. it would lead you to solution faster.


Thank you for your reply.

The Here 2 is connected in I2C to the GPS1 socket on the Cube.

The value of COMPASS_TYPEMASK is 32.

Did the GPS come with 8-pin connector or 4-pin?
In case it came with 4-pin connector, and you changed it to 8-pin, did you change the switch to I2C mode?


Indeed, I had not put the switch on I2C.
I made the change and it works.

Thank you again for your help !