Here 2 GPS Orientation

Is it possible to mount the Here 2 GPS with the direction arrow pointing backwards and change the orientation in Mission Planner?

Looking to mount the GPS on a small helicopter and the cable routing works best if the GPS actually faces backwards

Also is there any negative impact on the cube vibration dampening by mounting the GPS directly on top of the Cube with velcro tape?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, but adjust compass orientation

Velcro works it is NASA magic. I have used it successfully on FC’s and GPS units but…
You may not get the advantage of having an external compass mounting direct to the top. You could dampen or multiply vibrations adding the GPS to the top. Most important I think, with Velcro you can’t be sure of your compass orientation stays exact.

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well said

3M’s VHB double sided tape is great stuff for this type of application
The 5952F flavour is suitable
Cheers Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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