Here 2, toilet bowling, compass variance and other problems

Hi to all.
I have a quadcopter with a tested setup.
Some months ago I moved from pixhawk 1 and here 1 to Cube and HERE 2, and it is a disaster.
It is connected over I2C.
I had seen some strange behavior during flight, like toilet bowling, so I started studying the compass topic.
But I can’t find a solution… can you help me?
This are the vibrations on x,y,z

I see also this strange value into graph, what cause this?

LOG Download:

Thank you.

What firmware version?

If it’s on 4.x did you do a compass calibration outside with gps lock?

Hi Philip,
Thank you for your fast response.
It is 3.6.12 with all SB parameters.

Upgrade to 4.0 and go do a calibration outside with gps lock

Should it improve?
Before it crash I had done all calibration very carefully.

Tomorrow I will try (if whether conditions are ok) and post the results.

Thank you