Here 2 UAV CAN Safety Switch

(Ian ) #1

Hi Philip, as Plane 4.0 is out and ads support for UAV CAN safety switch will this work with the here 2 built in one ? Not sure if it’s connected that way internally.


To start with… let’s unpack my absolute hate of that switch.

First… calling it a safety switch… it’s not… is would be better to call it a finger removal tool!

Second… For it to be a safety button it would need to be monitored, checked and verifiable in functionality, it’s not, the design is a flawed concept.

Third… consider the use case… on a multicopter, props are stopped, arming is prevented by the “safety” switch, so to make it arm-able… you put your hand between the potentially spinning disks… and make it “unsafe”.

Forth… for some strange reason the button or wire gets damaged in flight… triggering the button… disabling the vehicle? In flight? Nuts!
I hate this button…

My advice to all is to set ardupilot to prevent this button from being able to be used while the aircraft is armed, and don’t use it at all.


(Ian ) #3

Not 100% sure but your giving me the impression you’re not a fan of this button :joy:.

I was only asking from a technical standpoint lol.

No worries and PS, I don’t like it either :wink:

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(Stephen Thorpe) #4

I’ve now decided NOT to use it :joy::joy:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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(Ted Weerts) #5

…so… are you of the opinion that there is no place for some sort of device that forces the vehicle into a ‘safe’ state (…or forces an ‘unsafe’ state) to enable the operator to have the vehicle powered on, but still in a ‘safe’ state?

If not and you DO think a safe/unsafe device has merit; what, in your opinion, should the device look like in terms of function and form?