Here 2's Compass at COMPASS_DEV_ID3

Hello Everyone,

I had a problem about Here 2

When I setup Here 2 and Cube with UAVCAN protocol, Cube detect Here 2’s compass at 3. Compass. There is no other external device plugged.

When I choose compass 3 as primary compass, I saw warning “Error Compass Variance” in flight. (There is no problem in flight just a warning on mission planner)
When I choose compass 1 as primary compass before flight everything is ok (There is no problem in flight and there is no warning on mission planner) but when I reboot after flight I saw another compass warning which one is “Bad Compass Health”

Cube is black, firmware is ArduCopter V3.7.0-dev

How do I get the Here 2 compass to become the first compass?

In future versions of ardupilot, can will be found first. But that’s not the case yet.

The best way is to use the mask, and only allow the AK09916

@philip - do you have any pointers how to mask correctly with cube black having here2 compass on CAN (as a primary)?

In mission planner, go to the parameter, and click on it, a check box will show up… make sure to only let the ones you want start.

The Here2 is the AK09916/7

My Here2 is always detected as HMC5883_OLD
Probably does not matter, but I would like to understand if there is anything behind.

It’s not important what that says… as long as CAN is showing up. As it’s using the CAN driver, not the compass driver