Here 3 as stand-alone nav solution

I was just reading that the Here 3 has a built in IMU and is running Chibios itself. Is it computing some sort of EKF / nav solution of its own onboard? i.e. Is it possible / relatively straight forward to pull a fused GPS position / orientation off onto something like a arduino or Nvidia Jetson?

Not at the moment.

You can try to pull them via UAVCAN. But that requires programming by yourself.

I have the same question. I’d like to use the Here3 and my Here+ base station with a RaspberryPi. I have can to usb converter so I can talk Can ;). Is there documentation on the message protocol or any code I can look at to figure it out?

You can try to connect it to a autopilot, then connect it via SLCAN in Mission Planner. The UAVCAN inspector will show the messages.
Another method is to connect it via UAVCAN utility.
Both methods will show you the messages. You can use them as references.