Here 3 Firmware not downloading [Resolved]

Hi All,
I am trying to update my firmware for the Here 3 GPS module via Ardupilot, but it times out when I search for updates. I get the same “timeout” result if I choose beta versions or not.

I am currently running SW version:… but would like to upgrade to 1.6 as outlined in the manual.

Is there any way to download the firmware files directly so that I can upload them from my PC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So I realized that when I run “SLcan Mode CAN1” in Mission Planner, my HERE 3 GPS module “uptime” would freeze on most connections. Only in the moment when it doesn’t freeze, I can quickly click the “Update Firmware” button and it works. I will open another ticket for assistance on the UPTIME not refreshing.

I don’t get it…
The SLcan turns Cube into UAVCAN converter. How did you get the CAN device status before clicking it?
Or, why would you click it again when you have already got the CAN connection to Here3?

Thanks for responding.
I understand that the SLcan turns it into a UAVCAN converter.
It appears that my connection to the GPS in this mode appears to randomly “timeout” on most connection attempts.

I can confirm this because I’ve noticed that the Uptime counter would stop at 20-24 seconds. To overcome this issue, I just keep reconnecting until I see that the counter has exceeded 30-60 seconds. Only then, would I attempt an upgrade or read parameters, otherwise, I get no response.

Fortunately, after about 10 reconnection attempts, I was able to upgrade the firmware on the GPS.

Is this normal?

Yes. The SLCAN can be tricky sometimes. The Here3 boot time may not sync well with the connection.
It is normal only when you see Uptime keeps increasing.

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This is still a problem, I am unable to get mission planner (latest 1.3.7563.27684) to download the firmware for my here 3’s. I believe I have now bricked two units as the just do the blue breathing led routine post flash attempt. They no longer show up in the SLcan menu.

For my application I need to update to the latest firmware (mine are running 1.5 and I have a few that are running 1.3). Anyway we can get a bin file to do it though the UAVCAN utility. Also anyone know how to reset or flash a Here 3, can it be put in to I2C mode?

Did the download failed half way? If you were unable to download firmware to your Here3, it shouldn’t change its behaviour.

The blue breathing led states that it is not connected to autopilot.

Did you get it to work?
The exact same thing is happening to me =/

Any resolution to this issue? Looks like I am in the same boat :-((