Here 3+ GPS: No FIX with Orange Cube +

Hi there I am using a new Orange Cube+ and received a here 3+ and I do not know how old it is or not. I have followed all the documentation from the here 3 manual and my orange cube+ has identified the GPS device.

The here 3+ is flashing blue for the not armed and no GPS lock, I have waited outside in the middle of a park next to a regional airport where I have flown aircraft with plenty of GPS satellites visible. I have also followed along every single post about here 3 GPS issues and no fix and none of them have helped me.

I have tried with multiple versions of the ardu plane and ardu copter firmware just to cover my bases and still get the same issue. I have not been able to connect to u-center as I cannot get a passthrough to work since there is no option in the here 3+ parameter list for the passthrough.

I have ordered a new here 3+ to determine if this is just a faulty unit; if it is, I will update this post in three days.


Here are my parameters:

Hello, is not directly related with this issue, but I had 2 Here3+ with faulty compasses. Have to send it to the seller for warranty.

But in the pass I had have a problem like this with a radio, a SIYI RX, seems to generate so much interference that the GPS got just 5 or 6 sats. Have you try just the cube and gps alone?

Thanks for the response.

Yes I have done most of this testing with the cube and gps isolated from any other devices.

It seemed to be a faulty here 3+ unit.