HERE-3 GPS on CAN failed by upgrade to V4.5.4

Help please :slight_smile:

My HERE3 GPS has worked fine on CAN with ArduPlane V4.3.5 for months
Today upgraded to V4.5.4, now GPS not recognised in Mission Planner

  • LED lights on unit flash green (locked, disarmed)
  • All CAN settings rechecked.
  • Moved it to CAN2, no joy.
  • Updated bootloader and firmware on HERE3 (v2.1)
    I only have one instance of node id 125 in

All I get is this message… Selected GPS Node 125 is not set as instance

any suggestions gratefully received :slight_smile:


Please guys, any suggestions as to what this could be?
Thank You

@steviegeek please share your parameters, make sure you have cleared GPS1_CAN_OVRIDE (set to 0)

I did set both GPS1/GPS2_CAN_OVRIDE to 0 but no joy, (also 125)
param file is …
240626 No GPS (5.3 KB)

Have you resolved this issue?

@steviegeek seems like I missed to revert back to you on this, did you get the issue resolved? Parameters all look ok.