Here 3 gps solid white issue

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My here 3 gps tuns solid white colour, don’t know the reason 5 of my here 3 gps having the same issue , I’ve tried reflashing firmware still issue not solved yet. Gps was working fine for a month while flying suddenly solid green tuns to solid white . someone please have a look on it .


Why is it opened? Have you contacted your reseller?

Is CAN working? Video of boot up please?

Yes CAN is working ,gps was working fine for a month don’t know the reason while flying it turned into solid white .i opened it to check with I2C switch but still i got the same result . i will share you the boot up video here .

Video link :


Was this GPS involved in crash? Looks like it has taken a hit.

No , it is not involved on any crash or Hit & i have 4-5 gps having same issue .

Contact your reseller

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Yes already did as you said on LinkedIn.


Happened to me also on Here 2 its just faulty there is no repair solution what you can do. Ask for replacement.

Yes asked for replacement .

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