Here 3+ paramater list

Is the a detailed doc with all here3+ parameters as also settings?
Led brightness is default on 2, can it get higher?
Strobe…is no longer available?

Please check this doc
You can change NTF_LED_BRIGHT if you use APM.

Thank you for you reply.
Since the list of new params within the gps is pretty long, would it be possible to have a writeup on those so we all know what they are?
What about the strobe light? is it no longer available?

The relative parameters depend on your UAV GPS set up, please check this onlind doc to find the correct parameters for your set up.
We do have strobe light for here3,you can find the LED definition in this doc as well.

I know that Here3 had strobe since i had always activated on here 3 units. i am asking for Here3+, since neither on this doc or on the internal GPS parameters i have been able to find. This is why i asked a list with explenation of all interanl GPS parameters, since they are alot more than on the Here3 units.
I connected the unit to MP and made a screen video for you to see all the parmas i am given as also the fact that there is no Strobe option on Here3+