Here 3 Plus GNSS Connectivity Issues and High HDOP

Recently, we received a Here 3 Plus GNSS unit at our location and encountered some difficulties while attempting to connect it with Autopilot (Cube Orange).

Upon connecting the Here 3 Plus GNSS to Autopilot, we noticed that it failed to acquire more than 5 satellites, resulting in a higher-than-usual HDOP value. Despite placing the GNSS unit in an open-sky location for a duration of 30 minutes, there was no noticeable improvement in the satellite reception.

To address this issue and optimize the GNSS performance, we would greatly appreciate your guidance and assistance. We have attached the log .bin file and a snapshot for reference, which may aid in diagnosing the problem.

Kindly advise on the steps we should take to troubleshoot and resolve the connectivity and HDOP concerns with the Here 3 Plus GNSS.

Log: 00000023.BIN - Google Drive

Following, we are having same experience with HERE 3+. Way to long to aquire sats and even we have got ten sats autopilot says “no position estimate” Kind of weird behavior.

Hello Marek

I had a similar problem some time ago, because the screw in the back of the GPS, the one of the cable cover.

May be is you case too, give it a try, bye!

Thanks mate, I will check it.

to be clear, my problem seems to were the screw was to tight and too long, and seems to make pressure in the internal board.

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