Here 3 Stuck in maintenance mode after firmware upgrade

This seems to be a trend but I can’t find an answer to this, I’ve also like many others tried to upgrade the firmware following the instructions here Here 3 Manual - CubePilot and now my GPS seems to be stuck in maintenance mode flashing and now I can’t get Mission Planner to connect via UVACAN as it is stuck in this Maintenance Mode after the firmware upgrade.

I’ve spent hours online trying to find a solution but nothing, does anyone know how to get this GPS module out of the maintenance mode? via tcp port or something?

Any ideas?

please try a very new version of arducopter. even in maintenance mode you it should appear in the uavcan screen.

I have the latest installed, I was able to get it out of the maintenance mode by opening Mission Planner and connecting to the Pixhawk but not the UAVCAN, then after 5 mins or so I’ve tried connecting the UAVCAN and I was able to connect to the GPS, still in maintenance mode, then forcing a new upgrade from version provided that completed with no issues.

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Hi Adrian,

I have this exact issue, do you remember how to fix this?
From your comment I undersand that you turned the drone on with out the GPS connected, then connected the drone to Mission Planner, then waited 5 minutes and connected the GPS phiscally and it finally showed up in the UAVCAN screen?

Or you left the GPS physically connected all the time and waited 5 min to open the UAVCAN screen?

Thank you very much!

Hi all, I ran into the same problem yesterday, when trying to upgrade the firmware on my Here3 using Mission Planner 1.3.79 and Arduplane V4.3.1 My HW is a cube orange on a mini carrier board, the GPS is connected using CAN2 as that is the only port available on the mini carrier. I was upgrading Here3 from 1.5.33544151 to 1.8 AB157ABD.

I believe the problem comes from using the CAN2 port during the upgrade. The Here3 went into maintenance mode and health was reported as critical in Mission Planner. It also was reporting SW Version 0.0 when it was in maintenance mode.

I was finally able to complete the upgrade and take it out of maintenance mode by connecting the GPS to a Pixhawk1 on CAN1, then the upgrade had no problems. I made a short video about it.

I wonder if disabling the CAN1 port would work. By default the instruction for setting up the Here3 enables both CAN ports.

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This would be something to ask of the Mission Planner developer, but my guess is that the code to update the CAN GPS expects it to be connected to CAN1, and may not have even been tested with a carrier mini where only CAN2 is available. This was my assumption and why I tested another setup where CAN1 is available and was able to complete the upgrade without issues.