Here 3 Stuck in maintenance mode after firmware upgrade

This seems to be a trend but I can’t find an answer to this, I’ve also like many others tried to upgrade the firmware following the instructions here Here 3 Manual - CubePilot and now my GPS seems to be stuck in maintenance mode flashing and now I can’t get Mission Planner to connect via UVACAN as it is stuck in this Maintenance Mode after the firmware upgrade.

I’ve spent hours online trying to find a solution but nothing, does anyone know how to get this GPS module out of the maintenance mode? via tcp port or something?

Any ideas?

please try a very new version of arducopter. even in maintenance mode you it should appear in the uavcan screen.

I have the latest installed, I was able to get it out of the maintenance mode by opening Mission Planner and connecting to the Pixhawk but not the UAVCAN, then after 5 mins or so I’ve tried connecting the UAVCAN and I was able to connect to the GPS, still in maintenance mode, then forcing a new upgrade from version provided that completed with no issues.

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Hi Adrian,

I have this exact issue, do you remember how to fix this?
From your comment I undersand that you turned the drone on with out the GPS connected, then connected the drone to Mission Planner, then waited 5 minutes and connected the GPS phiscally and it finally showed up in the UAVCAN screen?

Or you left the GPS physically connected all the time and waited 5 min to open the UAVCAN screen?

Thank you very much!