Here 3+ with Ublox F9P


I’m having trouble getting Here 3+ stable. I have two GPS receivers installed on my drone. The first is Here 3+ and the second is Ublox F9P. I would like the primary GPS to be F9P because it is more accurate, and the secondary one would be Here 3+. The problem is that if I set GPS_AUTO_SWITCH=4 in Mission Planner, when F9P catches a better 3D Fix than Here 3+, Here 3+ freezes and the LEDs glow solid yellow and Mission Planner hangs. It looks as if Here 3+ could only be a primary GPS.

Do you have any idea how to change the priority of Here 3+?

The problem was not caused by different GPS receivers or incorrectly set parameters. The solution was trivial, just the USB port is not able to power two receivers at once, and that’s the only way I connected these two GPS. After connecting the battery everything started working…