Here 4 can be connected to different base station without transmitting through telemetry?

I have simpleRTK base and rover module and Here4 gps. I want to know is it possible to use SimpleRTK base and here4 as rover without connecting base with mission planner. Is it will correct here4 gps error???

@Nitish_Kumar Here4 has a RTK side solution called ‘Here4 RTK Base’, which can provide L1 and L5 corrections which are needed for Here4 operation in RTK mode.

That here4 base correction data will be transmitted by telemetry, but i don’t want that because in my operation reason there is lot of interference due to which telemetry range is even less than 500meters. Is there any other alternative for that???

@Nitish_Kumar what telemetry are you using. You probably should look into improving the telemetry link in use. Any correction that you need to send will generally be sent over some form of link. What link you choose is upto you. Here4 RTK Base is serial output, it can be pushed over any kind of link.