Here 4 compass missing multiple modules issues


we have a lot of issues with the built in compass of here4 modules.

randomly at few flight hours, the compass of the here4 dont appear at the compass list of mission planner.

we have all our drone fleet with dual gps, here3 and here4 modules, and the here4 compass start to fail in each drone.

at the moment we have at least 4 or 5 gps here4 modules with compass “broken”.

Cubepilot team, please, how can we proceed to solve this?

the gps section of the module works ok, but the compass starts to fail at few flight hours.

we use 2 compass to have redundancy, but now, only fly with the other compass of the here3 module.

Hi @pvr2022 we are currently tracking this issue. Please follow current status here SB_0000008 Here4 magnetometer