Here 4 GPS Module

Hey Everyone

Just got to know about Here4 Multiband RTK GNSS, Can anyone give any feedback on it?
Currently, I’m using the Ardusimple F9P 2blite GPS module.

How is Here 4 different better than Ardusimple F9P?

I have pre-ordered one, my questions are

  1. can we get a data log out for PPK? if so what is the protocol? and where are the pins?
  2. silly question but it uses L5 so I would assume we need a L5 compatible base to run RTK or PPK on it… L2 will not suffice.
  3. love the hot shoe input and ppm control but I am curios as to the wiring (will it all be on the CAN bus)
  4. it seems geared toward mapping and surveying (that’s the drones we manufacture) but I don’t quite see a full solution here quite yet (PPK logging etc) I really don’t need RTK on the flight control at all, only need PPK on the data)

Looking forward to more information, if I am posting in the wrong place let me know.

Here4 uses the NEO-F9P receiver, which uses L1 and L5 bands.
All other F9P modules out there (as far as I’ve seen) use the ZED-F9P, which uses L1 and L2+E5b.

Would anyone know how the Here 4 would perform when used with an L1/L2 base station (e.g. an Emlid RS2 or a sparkfun RTK surveyor )?

I would assume it will only use the L1 freq , how will this affect the convergence time and the ability to stay within fix