Here 4 GPS prearm : unhealthy gps

Hi every one, i am new here.
I am using orange cube + with FW 4.5.2 (latest) and Here4 GPS with lates FW, i have configured everything but i got error unhealthy gps even though its 3d fix and 30+ sat connecetd

@Anupam_Prasad what version of Here4 are you running, the latest version is 1.14. Please verify through UAVCAN/DroneCAN page in Mission Planner. Here 4 Manual | CubePilot

Hi @sidbh thanks for responding,
Yes I am using latest firmware in both orange cube and here 4, I just wana the root cause as even I change the version of orange cube (4.1.0 etc) I got the same issue, is there any changes that I might accidentally change some settings in orange cube or something.