Here 4 PPS

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I’m interested in testing the Here 4. I’ve read that there’s a PPS output but I’m wondering how can we get access to it?

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Bump on this! I see the breakout pin 10 has pps. Is this accessible and does it require special firmware?

Yes I saw that too @Andrew_Gregg ;).

So the first question is to know if by default the pps is available in that pin, and the second question is how to open the here 4 (I did not make any research on that) if we want to connect to the PPS. I have not bought any here4 yet, but I’ve seen it comes with a cable which has CAN and UART(I2C) output. So we we can open easily the here4 (what about the IP rating after opening) it would be fairly easy to modify the existing cable to connect to the PPS…

@cedg507 The PPS signal is generated for every solution. You will need to open the Here4 to connect the adapter board. To open the Here4 ensure that you use non-metalic softer tools.
This is an experimental operation and any damage to the module in the process of opening is your responsibility. Saying that the best strategy is to start from the corners where the LEDs are and start prying the lid open. There are clips all round the case, you will need to circle through gently opening each clip.

Also note that with latest firmware Here4 publishes timesync message synchronised based on the PPS signal, and transmits the timestamp synchronised to GPS time.