Here 4 to u center

Hi! Did someone Connect here 4 to u center? Or use dronecan

You can use dronecan_gui_tool and choose the device you’re using. After that, choose “Panels” at the toolbar and choose “Serial Forwarding”.
Open you’re u-center and click the triangle beside connect. Choose “Network connection”. Click “new” for new connection then type in “tcp://” (2001 is the listen port specify in “serial forwarding”). It should be connected and start receiving data.

@Noahb mechanism to connect u-center is also available through mission planner. Follow the steps here, disregard the firmware update part of the section. Just follow the steps to connect u-center Here 4 Manual | CubePilot

I did all the steps I didn’t update the firmware, but I can’t see any data or sats
Using cube orange The latest mission planner and the latest u center

Is the connection in u-center connected like
this? Or maybe it shows a small window that says error in Mission Planner.
You can modify the port from 500 to 2001. It might be the issue. Also, remember to connect to the right network connection “tcp://”

@Noahb what is the GPS_TYPE and GPS_TYPE2 set to? also can you create a short video of your steps.

Both set 9

I want to see satellites on u center not to install firmware
There is a way to do it?

Have you followed the steps I gave above? Please tell me what you got and also record a short video of your process, as Sid said.

So i cant see data of here 4 ( like sats and more) on u center

My setup looks like this : here 4 via can to cube orange through can 1 and can pass through tcp

On u center tcp

Please provide the whole video for the whole process you do. Is the connection showing green when connect to here4 on u-center? Or is there any error message using mission planner or dronecan_gui_tool?

On the top left corner i see green
On the right bottom no green

Please upload a video or at least screenshot of your process like this

Thank you for responding:)
I will take pictures soon but can you tell me how is your setup looks like?

My setup is same as you: here 4 via can to cube orange through can 1 and can pass through tcp. Here are the steps.

  1. Open Mission Planner and connect to your device.
  2. Go to Setup->Optional Hardware->DroneCAN/UAV/CAN and choose MAVlink-CAN1
  3. Click menu for here4 and choose CANPassThrough Here3+/4
  4. Set TCP port to 2001 and Baudrate 230400 (Can use port 500 as default)
  5. Go to u-center and connect to tcp:// (Or tcp://
  6. You should then receive messages from here4 (You would barely see satellites when you’re indoor)