Here 4 + u center

Hi! Im trying to Connect here 4 to the board it came with and from the board for the uart port to ftdi cable to my computer to work with u center but its not really working
Someone every did it before?
I also tried the tcp way but it also not working

I am not sure but I think here4 run with CAN protocal in this stage, that’s why you cannot get connection to u-center.

You can connect to u-center if you have a flight controller.

I have
Also i saw that they upgrading through u center

@Noahb Here4 is meant to be used with CAN port as primary way to communicate by default. Currently I2C probe to compass is required to auto select serial passthrough, which requires connection with Cube autopilot as well.
We can add support for auto selection of Serial passthrough without it. Please track progress of that on this project GitHub - CubePilot/GNSSPeriph-release

Where should I run it? And how do I connect to here? Through cube?

@Noahb yes, Presently to connect to Here, update firmwares etc, you need a Cube.

But there is a way to read some info like ‏ Messages on u center and also to config it through u center

Can u help me with that ? What should I do? And how do you suggest to connect the here 4?

@Noahb Do you have access to Cube, that is needed to do any changes to Here4 module currently.

Thank you for responding:)
Yes, I have cube orange
It’s really weird that I cant Connect to the u center