Here+ can´t upload firmware

Good afternoon,

I am trying to update the gps here + and I can’t.
I have connected the gps to u-blox and I have tried to do it with “firmware update”, I have also tried it with “Legacy firmware update” and I always get an error.
When I enter “MON” - “VER”, the version box is empty.
I have also tried to revert the configuration, but I can’t get the gps to work.
The version I have to upload is DO_EXT_301_HPG_140_ROVER.91bbd17d889e0fe40c2d823991595224
Can somebody help me?

thank you so much

Try different baud rates until something shows up in MON - VER
The u-center tells your it is connected even if you connected with incorrect baud.

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Thank´s Alvin, that was the solution! :slight_smile: